Melania Delivers Machine-Like Speech For New ‘Be Best’ Slogan Like A Burnt Out Fembot


This Monday, after over one year as the nation’s first lady, Melania Trump unveiled an organized platform tying together past strands of what she’s said she’s interested in addressing with a speech delivered outside the White House.

Her plan consists of an awareness campaign termed “Be Best” meant to prop up the position of the nation’s youth. She called the effort “an awareness campaign dedicated to the most valuable and fragile among us — our children,” and she said that it would address three areas of concern — “well-being, social media use, and opioid abuse.”

She’s ardently expressed an interest in these areas in the past, with the irony of who she’s married to remaining in full force throughout it all.

Before this Monday, though, Melania had no official program to point to in attempting to back up her commentary — now she has something more substantive.

She introduced the program to the world Monday by saying:

‘As a mother and as first lady, it concerns me that in today’s fast-paced and ever-connected world, children can be less prepared to express or manage their emotions and oftentimes turn to forms of distractive or addictive behavior such as bullying, drug addiction, or even suicide. I feel strongly that as adults, we can and should be best at educating our children about the importance of a healthy and balanced life.’

Watch her remarks in full below.

The full trajectory of the first lady’s plans to address these issues remains to be seen. As mentioned, she called it an “awareness campaign,” so she is seemingly uninterested in rushing into engaging with the legislative process in an attempt to enact change.

Rather, she’s sticking for now to spreading “awareness.” She sought to do so just this Monday by bringing a selection of individuals who have worked against bullying in their respective communities as guests, calling them out by name during her remarks. Besides those individuals, also among those in attendance were social media executives, a group that the first lady has targeted with her anti-bullying campaigning in the past.

Also in attendance Monday was President Donald Trump himself, meaning that while the first lady was offering sweeping remarks calling on adults in the U.S. to do better in educating their children, the man who has made the office of the presidency currently synonymous with bullying was present.

Trump has gone after his critics with over the top rhetoric time and time again. In one particularly memorable recent incident, the president called former FBI Director James Comey — fired by Trump last year — a “slime ball.”

Melania Trump has actually directly addressed the discrepancy between her stated areas of concern as first lady and her marital status. Speaking on the occasion of a meeting with tech leaders earlier this year, she said:

‘I am well aware that people are skeptical of me discussing this topic…But it will not stop me from doing what I know is right.’

If she’s so concerned with what’s right, then perhaps she should try and keep her husband from normalizing the incendiary behavior he’s engaged in on a regular basis.

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