Ted Lieu Tweets Hilarious Reaction To Melania’s Ridiculous New ‘Be Best’ Campaign


Our disgraced president makes a fool out of himself nearly every single day on Twitter. His outrageous tweets are normally used to bully someone else, tell a total lie, boast about something he’s done, or admit to crimes that he’s committed. All of those things are bad, but bullying is probably the worst of the four. Bullying, especially on social media, has become a big problem in the U.S. It’s such a big problem that Trump’s wife, Melania, has decided that she wants to do something to stop it. So she started an anti-cyber bullying program called “Be Best”.

Congressman Ted Lieu (D-CA), who is probably one of the best tweeters out there, decided to help her get started on her quest to stop online bullying.

Rep. Lieu is very active on Twitter, and he routinely calls Donald Trump out on his shenanigans. He doesn’t let him get away with anything. When he sees Trump doing or saying something wrong, he quickly hits Twitter to let us all know how he feels. He has to be one of the top ten people everyone should be following on the platform.

Most of his followers will be waiting gleefully for him to post other “Be Best” tweets, because they’ll be entertaining for sure.  Considering Melania’s husband is one of the worst cyber bullies in the world, Lieu will have lots of tweets to choose from. It’s great that Melania is trying to do something about a horrible problem a lot of people are facing. If she really wants to put a stop to a big portion of online abuse she could start by taking her husband’s phone away. Maybe she will after Rep. Lieu gets done with her.

Featured Image via Getty Images