Trump Campaign Chair Caught In Horrific Human Trafficking Ring (DETAILS)


It is not shocking that there are many corrupt politicians in our midst, especially considering the scandals that have plagued Mr. Trump since even before the 2016 election. Despite such corruption and likely criminal involvement as well, he was still elected president. So, sadly it isn’t surprising when other elected officials are outed because of criminal behavior that is seemingly becoming justified by the current administration.

On Sunday, it was reported that an Ex-Kentucky judge has been sentenced to jail for human trafficking. According to WSMV:

‘Former Kentucky judge and conservative political activist Timothy Nolan was sentenced to 20 years in prison after pleading guilty to human trafficking and other sex crimes.’ Trump Campaign Chair Caught In Horrific Human Trafficking Ring (DETAILS) Corruption Crime Donald Trump Sexual Assault/Rape Top Stories Videos

A special prosecutor said that 71 year-old Nolan targeted young women, giving them opoids and then threatened to withhold the drugs or call law enforcement if they didn’t perform sex acts. Nolan had 19 victims, seven of which were under 16 years old.

Prosecutor Barbara Whaley read statements from some of the victims in court. WSMV reported:

‘Nolan maintained his innocence on all charges and tried to┬ádelay his sentencing┬ámultiple ways, including firing his attorney in March and trying to withdraw his guilty plea.’

Nolan apologized in court on Friday and promised to seek treatment. Nolan’s sentence of 20 years was the maximum possible sentence for human trafficking charges. According to WSMV:

‘The former Campbell County District Court judge also served as co-chairman for Pres. Donald Trump’s campaign during the 2016 presidential election.’

The fact that Trump’s campaign has been linked to criminals of every type is very well-known by now, and at this point, it would be shocking if anyone associated with him with wasn’t corrupt.

Featured image by Alex Wong/Getty Images