W.H. Responds To WaPo Claim That Donald & Melania Sleep Separately & It’s Hilarious


Almost all Republicans love to call Democrats snowflakes. They think Democrats either get mad if they hear something they don’t like, or they run away and hide from it. All it took for Sarah Huckabee Sanders to have a snowflake moment was The Washington Post mentioning in an article that there’s been a rumor running around Washington that Melania Trump doesn’t really live in the White House.

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Did she just eat something sour?

The WP never said the rumor was true, only that that’s what some people are saying. When asked about the rumor during today’s press briefing Sanders said,

‘Just when you think The Washington Post can’t get things any more wrong, they do. That is an outrageous and ridiculous claim. The first lady lives here at the White House, we see her here regularly,”’ she said, adding that she hopes the Post will “do better next time.’

The lady doth protest too much, methinks. Again, The WP never claimed that the rumor was true. This entire thing seems like a set up to make The WP out to be a purveyor of “fake news”. It’s possible that that the question was asked in such a way to give Sanders the chance to blast the paper, and one shouldn’t put it past this corrupt White House to spin a story in an attempt to make a real, credible newspaper look bad.

Maybe those in the White House were embarrassed that Donald Trump’s alleged actions have caused a rift between the disgraced president and his wife, and when someone reports on their family problems they feel like they have to go on the offensive. When you’re half of a power couple you can expect to have people scrutinize your every move. You shouldn’t unleash your attack dog on The Washington Post just because they mentioned a rumor though. That just makes you look shady as can be.

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