Former Playmate Says She Watched Trump Have Sex With Her Friend During Marla’s Pregnancy


The disgraced president of the United States, Donald Trump, sure did fool a whole bunch of evangelical Christians into voting for him. For some reason, they thought he had morals and a good religious background. Unfortunately they were wrong about his morals, and he certainly never does anything Christ-like. Evangelicals should be embarrassed that they ever voted for him. Especially considering his lack of morals was well known way before he ever decided to run for president.

Hey what did you expect when you voted for a guy like him? (Photo by Michael Reynolds-Pool/Getty Images)

Today, yet another bombshell was dropped about Trump’s sexcapades. German model, and Former Playboy Playmate Elke Jeinsen, says she watched Donald Trump have sex with her best friend, Barbara Moore, while his then-fiancĂ©e Marla Maples was pregnant with daughter Tiffany.

‘We were sitting there sexy-dressed and Barbara got slowly sexy undressed. She was beautiful and he was totally into her and he helped undress her. I was sitting there half undressed, not naked but in lingerie, and then they started kissing and making out. Then I didn’t get any attention anymore, they slipped under the covers and they had sex so I left the room.’

The man with no scruples. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Jeinsen’s bombshell interview came after Moore gave an exclusive interview to DailyMailTV admitting to having a steamy six month long affair with Trump. Apparently Michael Cohen wasn’t able to get in touch with Moore or Jeinsen so he could arrange some hush money before their interviews became public. After all Rudy Giuliani said this weekend that Cohen had access to illicit funds when problems like this occasionally popped up, so it’s surprising he dropped the ball.

It’s too bad that all those evangelicals fell so in love with a man who has very few morals. If they hadn’t maybe the rest of us wouldn’t be saddled with an international embarrassment living in the White House.

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