JUST IN: Bus Explodes In Middle Of Busy City & The Reason Has Trump Surprisingly Quiet


Despite the president’s ardent commitment to an “America First” strategy above all else, our allies continue to face issues of their own that do not at all necessitate us abandoning them.

Underscoring this point, this Tuesday, a bus became engulfed in flames and then exploded right in the middle of Rome. The explosion has been blamed on the poor maintenance issues plaguing the city’s public transit rather than on any sort of terrorist activity. No one was injured in the blast.

Despite the fact that no one was injured in the blast, the Tuesday bus explosion represents a serious problem for the city, because the vehicle at the center of it all Tuesday was the ninth bus to become engulfed in flames and, apparently, explode, just this year. In 2017, the city lost 20 buses to a similar issue.

Thirty-six percent of the buses belonging to the public transit authority servicing Rome are reportedly out of service thanks to a need for repairs this week, and the authority is also reportedly struggling under massive debt.

The U.S. president has not addressed the incident on Twitter as of mid-Tuesday morning, but over in the U.S., he has made a show of addressing the issue of aging infrastructure, which afflicts not just Italy.

His plan, though, as revealed earlier this year put the majority of the burden of spending associated with the repairs and updates he wants on state and local governments, a set-up that few feel is sustainable.