Kellyanne Conway Calls Out Now Former NY AG For Sex Crimes & Gets A Harsh Reminder


As women continue to feel empowered to come forward with their experiences of sexual assault and abuse, those who are responsible for such heinous actions are being held accountable for their misconduct. Earlier today, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman resigned amidst allegations of physical abuse against four women. The unfortunate irony, is that Schneiderman just last year used his position in order to bring litigation against Harvey Weinstein, who’s actions sparked the now renowned #MeToo Movement.

With the resignation of the New York Attorney General taking social media by storm, one specific individual’s Twitter post depicted a resounding sense of hypocrisy, especially considering her personal background. A tweet published by Kellyanne Conway, which references Schneiderman’s horrific actions and links to a New Yorker article, was not taken well by social media users.

However, although what she states in her post is nevertheless true, one cannot help but think about the person that she works for, and the extent to which she has defended him on numerous accounts. President Donald Trump has been no stranger to sexual allegations over the last couple years, with many women coming forth and claiming that the now-president had made unwanted and uninvited advances upon them, with all of these allegations being denied by Trump. In the same manner, Conway has not spoken out against her boss’s promiscuous and sexually charged actions, despite being quick to call out Schneiderman for his wrongdoings. Twitter users were quick to remind Conway that the very man she works for, is the same “drunk with power” archetype that she references in her post.