Melania Responds To Plagiarism Proof Like A Huge Liar – Takes The Cowards Way Out


First Lady Melania Trump is making her way into the spotlight again with a new plan she revealed on Monday regarding her campaign for internet safety on behalf of children. There was just one problem with the whole unveiling though – when people looked more closely at the materials, it was discovered that it was identical to a 2009 book on internet safety which was released by the Obama administration. Melania Responds To Plagiarism Proof Like A Huge Liar - Takes The Cowards Way Out Donald Trump Michelle Obama Social Media Top Stories Videos

On Tuesday, The Office of the First Lady responded to the criticism saying:

‘Yesterday,  First Lady Melania Trump unveiled Be Best, her initiative meant to support children and the many issues they are facing today.

‘After giving a strong speech that was met with a standing ovation and positive feedback, the focus from opposition media has been on an educational booklet, “Talking with Kids About Being Online” produced by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in 2009.  Mrs. Trump agreed to add Be Best branding and distribute the booklet in an effort to use her platform to amplify the positive message within.  As she said in yesterday’s speech, she is going to use Be Best to promote people and organizations to encourage conversation and replication, and helping the FTC distribute this booklet is just one small example.’

The office continued to level criticism on the media saying that “ample background, information, and on-the-record comments” were provided by the FTC. Nathaniel Wood, Consumer and Business Education Division Associate Director of the FTC, stated:

‘We frequently work with members of Congress, the White House, other government agencies, and the private sector.  As a small and independent civil law enforcement agency, the FTC encourages our partners to help spread our message to consumers.  We were excited that Mrs. Trump distributed this important information about staying safe online.  We look forward to continuing to work with her and others to help parents and children use the Internet safely and responsibly.’ Melania Responds To Plagiarism Proof Like A Huge Liar - Takes The Cowards Way Out Donald Trump Michelle Obama Social Media Top Stories Videos

The Office for the First Lady closed the statement by saying:

‘Our office will continue to focus on helping children and I encourage members of the media to attempt to Be Best in their own professions, and focus on some of the children and programs Mrs. Trump highlighted in her remarks yesterday.’

It is somewhat hypocritical that Mrs. Trump wants to focus on the health and safety of children now after her husband’s policies clearly take away education and healthcare from children who need it. The appointment of Betsy Devos as the head of the Department of Education did a huge disservice to public education.

According to The New York Times:

‘In September, Congress allowed funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program (known as CHIP) to expire. By the end of next month, 25 states are likely to run out of their remaining CHIP money, according to a new report by Georgetown University’s Center for Children and Families. That could put health coverage for 1.9 million children at risk. Eventually, if CHIP isn’t extended, almost nine million children — or about one out of every eight children in America — could lose coverage.’

So, it is questionable as to whether Melania’s pathetic attempt to care about children’s safety can be seen as truly valid.

For the record too, this wasn’t the first time Melania stole from Michelle Obama:

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