Trump Wakes In A Panic, Flies Into Instant Twitter Rant Like A Soon-To-Be Prison B*tch


Now that Trump is back from his weekend vacation and watching his favorite state run media program, Fox & Friends, he’s back to his daily Twitter tantrum routine, and Tuesday morning was no different.

Trump continued his rhetoric from Monday in claiming that Democrats don’t want to be “tough on terror” while ignoring the fact that he is once again nominating someone with a questionable past that absolutely should give Americans pause. Haspel was involved and caught in a cover-up of a war crime that violates the Geneva Convention. She’s not being opposed because she’s “tough on terror,” or because of partisan politics, or because she’s a woman.

She’s being opposed because she helped the Bush administration cover up war crimes of torture. No matter how many people agree that terrorists deserve to be tortured, this country becomes no better than the terrorists when we ignore international law, break treaties, and use deplorable tactics in war.

The president has also been warned about his “misleading” statements about his own responsibility in the progress with North Korea. His repeated insistence that it’s his own tough policies, sanctions, and insults that have led to the historic meeting between North and South Korea threatens that progress and yet, Trump just cannot seem to help himself.

He’s also back to insulting a Purple Heart veteran who negotiated a widely respected and internationally known as a diplomatic ally. It’s easy to fix that tweet for him: “Trump can’t stand that Obama’s nominees were far more respected than his will ever be. Get out of negotiations, Donnie, you’re hurting our country!”

Twitter also weighed in on Trump’s morning rant. See some of their best comments below:

Featured image via Getty/Bloomberg