Michael Cohen Just Used The Evil Twin Excuse To Justify Avenatti’s Money Funnel Claim


The noose around Michael Cohen’s neck is getting tighter and tighter every day. For instance this week Michael Avenatti, who researched Cohen’s financial records and published detailed claims about his financial history, let us all know some pretty damning information. It seems that Cohen has been receiving money from various large companies, and even a Russian oligarch too. The oligarch gave him almost half a million dollars. Now why would a Russian oligarch be giving money to Donald Trump’s personal lawyer? Could he be buying access to Trump, or maybe just trying to influence him in some way. Only time will tell what’s going on there. One thing’s for certain though…Robert Mueller will certainly be looking for those answers.

Trump’s Fixer Michael Cohen

Today Cohen’s attorneys claimed that Michael Avenatti, who has been in the spotlight because he represents Stormy Daniels, spread inaccurate information about Cohen’s financial dealings. In a court filing in New York this week they claimed that Avenatti made a bunch of incorrect statements, and even had records for the wrong Michael Cohen, then asked that he not be allowed to appear in the state’s southern district where Cohen has an ongoing case.

‘Mr. Avenatti’s conduct in somehow obtaining random bank records and publishing them without proper concern for their accuracy is extremely troubling for the parties in this case, the Court, and the public,’ they wrote.

Then they turned around and alleged that Avenatti obtained Cohen’s records illegally. So which is it–did he have someone else’s bank records, or did he have the correct records but obtained them illegally? Cohen’s attorneys are starting to sound as bad as Rudy Giuliani.

Michael Avenatti doing his part to expose Trump’s corruption. (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

For the record The New York Times has so far confirmed that Avenatti has the correct records, including that Cohen set up a shell company where he received the corrupt funds. Avenatti hit Twitter to defend himself.

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