Angela Merkel Takes Podium & Hands Trump His Ass Like A World Leader Taking Charge


If Donald Trump’s presidential goal was to alienate the U.S. from its long-time allies, he has done a rip-roaring job. We saw European leaders argue for America to stay in the Iran Treaty against nuclear proliferation. They all failed abysmally, so what is next?

The president went out of his way to insult Britain after a devastating terrorist attack at one of its concerts shortly after he took office, and  he  also retweeted a video created by one of that country’s most alt-right groups. It was a fake, but he never apologized.

Trump adores Russia’s President Vladimir Putin with embarrassing attention. He thinks North Korea’s Kim Jong Un is “nice,” and respects the other despots around the world.

Although our commander-in-chief appeared to be unable to keep his hands off of France’s Emmanuel Macron, he did not listen to his pleas to stay in the treaty. Clearly, Trump barely puts up with Germany’s Angela Merkel.

Last year, she first warned the European Union about Donald Trump for his “America First” foreign policy. Then, she pointed out that he verbally attacked our European NATO allies, because he thought they did not carry their fair share financially.

The German Chancellor just gave a speech in honor of Macron’s prize ceremony in Aachen, Germany. It was the first time she responded to Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Iran nuclear accord. EU leaders and Iran plan to remain true to their treaty, in spite of 45 leaving.

In the speech, The Washington Examiner reported that she said pointedly:

‘It’s no longer the case that the United States will simply just protect us. Rather, Europe needs to take its fate into its own hands. That’s the task for the future.’

In her speech, Merkel warned that Europe should not trust the U.S. to protect the union with its military. Instead, she suggested that it should “take its destiny into its own hands.”

She noted that there are global conflicts “at Europe’s doorstep.” Unfortunately, the European Union countries’  defense collaboration still remains “in its infancy.”

Now, due to Trump pulling us out of a well-thought-out treaty with Iran, war is possible between Israel and Iran. If that happens, the U.S. would support Israel.

In other words, Trump may have single-handedly initiated the first steps toward World War III.

Featured Image via Getty Images/Win McNamee.