North Korea Humiliates Trump & Reveals His Blatant Lie About Role In Peace Process


Promoting a tax bill as justification for all of Trump’s worst actions is so 2017. These days, everything Trump does wrong can be defended by saying that what he’s done to address the threat of a North Korean dictator with access to weapons of mass destruction cancel out any criticism of his lies, investigations into his alleged criminal acts, and racist rhetoric.

2018-05-06-13_00_39-Donald-J.-Trump-on-Twitter_-_Just-spoke-to-President-XI-JINPING-of-China-concern North Korea Humiliates Trump & Reveals His Blatant Lie About Role In Peace Process Donald Trump Featured Foreign Policy Politics Top Stories

Just like his bragging about his sole policy accomplishment in 2017, a tax bill that gave temporary tax cuts to middle class voters and permanent ones to the wealthy, news of planned talks with North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un, are misleading. In fact, spokesmen for the North Korean regime was cited on KCNA News, a North Korean news outlet, as sending a warning to Trump on Sunday to stop his “misleading” promotion of himself and his “toughness” as responsible for the discussions of denuclearization.

Reuters reports that:

‘It would not be conducive to resolving the issue of denuclearization if Washington miscalculated North Korea’s “peace-loving intention” as a sign of weakness and continued to pursue its pressure and military threats, KCNA said.

‘U.S. President Donald Trump, who plans to meet Kim over the next few weeks, has said he will maintain sanctions and pressure on the North and “not repeat the mistakes of past administrations” and has said his tough stance had led to the breakthrough.

Trump’s tough talk and economic pressure through sanctions are, according to the news source, not helping the situation as much as harming it. Resolutions to issues as deep and historic as the one between the U.S. and North Korea will require the one thing Trump is least capable of: diplomacy.

If Trump’s ability to be diplomatic and presidential are our best hope in addressing these problems, the country, and the world, are in big trouble.

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