Nuclear Expert Resigns From State Dept Suddenly & Donald Trump Is Directly To Blame


After his inauguration, it became clear that President Trump is guided by self-preservation and narcissism. This has undermined not only our own government, but the rest of the world’s confidence in American policy decisions.

We’ve seen a microcosm of this in Trump’s inability to keep campaign promises when the rhetoric no longer suits him. For example, on the campaign trail, Trump railed against the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement, even calling it a:

‘…rape of our country.’

But when faced with the actual repercussions of leaving the deal, he expressed a desire to renege on his decision and rejoin the deal.

The one almost universal way to predict Trump’s policy positions is to figure out what Obama did or supported and then reverse it. Bam. That’s now Trump’s position.

Trump’s unilateral withdrawal from the long-negotiated and so far, successful, Iran Nuclear Deal is having huge reverberations around the world. Clearly motivated out of his desire to dismantle Obama’s accomplishments, the real-world impacts are huge and effect the entire planet.

One man, Richard Johnson, had enough of these games. The acting assistant coordinator of the State Department’s Office of Iran Nuclear Implementation has quit, issuing a devastating critique of Trump’s unravelling of the Iran deal:

‘I am proud to have played a small part in this work, particularly the extraordinary achievement of implementing the [deal] with Iran, which has clearly been successful in preventing Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon.’

This may not sound like much, but in reality, this statement is a huge deal. One of the top experts in the field is calling the president a liar. Trump’s underpinning for dismantling the deal is portraying it as ineffective, which Johnson strongly contradicts.

As Donald Trump begins talks with North Korea, Johnson’s presence will be missed:

And of course, Trump’s motivations are often tied in with what is good for Vladimir Putin and the Russian economy. With his promise to impose sanctions on Iran, Russia sits poised to reap the benefits through sales of its oil:

Featured image: Chip Somodevilla/Getty