Paul Ryan Caught Red Handed In Corrupt Money Scheme; GOP Hell Breaks Loose


Thankfully after January of next year, this country will no longer be saddled with Paul Ryan’s attacks that hurt us so much. In the face of an expected massive blue wave that should see the House flip to the Democrats, Ryan has decided to flee Congress. But he’s not done trying his best to hurt Americans everywhere yet. Just this week he went to Las Vegas and broke some campaign finance laws attempting to raise money for his party.

The Wisconsin Rat Paul Ryan has no trouble breaking campaign finance laws. Photographer: Patrick T. Fallon/Bloomberg

There are pretty clear rules when dealing with election financing. Some of the big ones are that individuals can only give so much money to any candidate, up to as many candidates as they wish. Groups have to follow the same laws, and politicians are forbidden from coordinating with any of those groups to make money.

The rules are very clear about raising money; if you break them, you’ve broken the law. That’s why it’s astounding to find out that the current Speaker of the House apparently doesn’t care about breaking the law. This week he flew to Las Vegas and in a roundabout way asked notorious Republican donor Sheldon Adelson for a seven figure donation to the┬áCongressional Leadership Fund…which is illegal.

Republican money man Sheldon Adelson

Ryan made the trip with one of his aides and Norm Coleman, the former Minnesota senator who chairs the Republican Jewish Coalition, and Corry Bliss, who oversees the super PAC Congressional Leadership Fund. During the meeting Ryan laid out his best fund raising speech to Adelson, then in a weasel move, stepped just past the threshold of the door so Coleman could ask Adelson for the donation. Adelson turned around and donated $30 million to the super PAC.

It’s mind blowing that the Republican Speaker of the House flaunts the law the way he does. His past actions have shown that he has no scruples, but this is just ridiculous. It’s outrageous that a politician who writes laws for everyone else to follow refuses to follow the law himself. That’s why it’s way past time for the Wisconsin rat to leave Congress.

Featured Image via Getty Images