Trump Comes Unhinged, Attacks Cabinet Members For Being ‘Bush Family Plants’


Donald Trump is not a Republican. Donald Trump is not a Democrat. Donald Trump is loyal to Donald Trump. And supreme personal loyalty is what he demands from officials within the U.S. government.

We’ve heard the stories. He’s attempted to ensure that federal employees protect Trump (instead of the interests of the U.S.).

The pattern began when Trump demanded a personal loyalty oath from then-FBI Director James Comey:

He tried to extract the same assurances from his appointee Andrew McCabe:

Trump became incensed that his appointee to U.S. Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, recused himself from the Russia investigation (and lost the ability to protect Trump):

Now, Trump’s paranoia is accelerating at a rapid (and extremely unsettling pace). He’s now turned his fury towards his own cabinet, humiliating DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen during a meeting.

Although it is incredibly awful that Trump would verbally attack someone (even someone on his own team), it is such a commonplace event to be un-newsworthy. The striking part of this incident is the almost McCarthy-esque twist.

New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman shed some light on Trump’s treatment of Secretary Nielsen:

This assertion by Haberman isn’t out of left field. In April, another source reported the same exact thing:

Make no mistake; this is a worrying escalation in the White House. First Trump attacked his primary opponents, then Hillary Clinton, then all Democrats, then other nations, then “establishment” Republicans, and now his own appointed Republican cabinet members. It seems like there is one constant in all of these situations: Donald Trump himself.

Featured image: Al Drago-Pool/Getty