Corrupt Trump Just Got Caught With His Hand In The Cookie Jar In This Raw Video


Anyone with even a modicum of common sense knows that Donald Trump is the most corrupt individual that’s ever resided in the White House. He makes Richard Nixon look like a choir boy. Today it was discovered that the Trump organization was paid $500 million by the Chinese government to fund a project in Indonesia. Article 1 Sec. 9 of the Constitution (the Emolument’s Clause) says that this deal is illegal, therefore it should cost Trump the presidency.

Our disgraced president with China’s President Xi Jinping. Perhaps this was the moment the corrupt deal was first agreed to. Photographer: Qilai Shen/Bloomberg

Although no Republican would dare call Trump out on this illegal act, fortunately a reporter at this today’s presser had no problem doing exactly that while talking to White House deputy press secretary Raj Shah

‘The Trump Organization is involved in a project in Indonesia building hotels and golf course, residences. It is getting up to $500 million in backing from the Chinese government. Can you tell — or explain the administration’s perspective on, A–how this wouldn’t violate the emoluments clause, and B–how it wouldn’t violate the president’s own promise that his private organization would not be getting involved in new foreign deals while he was president?’

Shah, like most of the rats running around in the current White House administration, refused to answer the question, telling the reporter that all questions on the matter must be referred to the Trump Organization. The reporter pressed him on it anyway.

‘No. But I mean the Trump Organization can’t speak on behalf of the president as the president, the head of the federal government, the one who is responsible, who needs to assure the American people.’

Our Con-artist-in-Chief. Photographer: Yuri Gripas/Pool via Bloomberg

It’s nice to see at least someone in Washington standing up to Trump’s corrupt ways. If Trump isn’t taken down by his alleged collusion with Russia, or his attempts to obstruct justice, then this latest crime should definitely see him removed from the White House. Enough is enough already!

Featured Image via Getty Images