New Yorker Releases A Monday Cover Photo So Brutal, Trump Is Screaming Witch Hunt!


Donald Trump is absolutely livid after the latest cover of The New Yorker was released moments ago on Twitter. Trump has had a tough time in the press from the beginning; something he chalks up to a fake news witch hunt unlike anything this country has ever seen. The truth of the matter is that the press covers the ridiculousness that is the current president of the United States, and it is that honest coverage alone that has Donald furious.

MSNBC producer Kyle Griffin tweeted out the following cover image, set to grace the pages of The New Yorker this week:

The image clearly shows Trump, in the swamp he never drained, trying his best to play golf and pretend the world around him isn’t about to shatter; all the while, his doom creeps closer and closer.

Some may say the dangerous animals ready to pounce on the president are symbols for the FBI, some of which are eagerly awaiting Mueller’s go ahead to break out the cuffs on ole’ Donnie. After Trump’s attack on former FBI director James Comey, the people who worked along side him for many years are rightfully upset at the fact that a reality television host could come in and fire the head of the Federal Bureau of Investigations simply because he didn’t like his loyalty to the law.

Check out the reactions to Griffin’s tweet below: