Avenatti Releases Damning Video Evidence Of Trump Corruption – Donald In Pure Panic


Michael Avenatti sure seems like a guy you wouldn’t want coming after you. He’s smart, knows what he’s doing, and has no problem exposing a person’s corruption. He warned the corrupt Trump crime family that it was time to come clean or else. They ignored him so he felt compelled to release a video of some of the people who attended the infamous Trump Tower meeting that so many people have lied to the FBI about.

The meeting was attended by Don Jr., Jared Kushner, Paul Manafort, and other key players in Trump’s realm. They were there to meet Russian operatives seeking to give up damaging information on Hillary Clinton, in exchange for eventually lifting sanctions against Russia so they could collect billions in profit from oil sales.

Avenatti has discovered video evidence that there were other unscrupulous people in Trump Tower that day, too. People like Michael Flynn, Michael Cohen, and a Qatari oil investor named Ahmed al-Rumaihi, who is heavily invested in the Russian oil company Rosneft. It’s very strange that Ahmed al-Rumaihi would even be in this country considering he has no business here whatsoever. We may never know exactly what went on in that meeting, but Al-Rumaihi has bragged about the fact that he bribed government officials after he left the meeting.

The corruption of the Trump crime family knows no bounds. Luckily we have someone like Michael Avenatti looking out for the best interests of our country. It’s great that someone is standing up to the Trump crime family and taking no prisoners. But after Avenatti’s done with them, some of them may become actual prisoners after all the investigations run their course.

This video was edited by a reporter from NCT news. They’ve tagged all the pertinent people.

Featured Image via Getty Images