BREAKING: Mueller Drops Tuesday Court Request That Trump’s Camp Did Not See Coming


The rats in the Trump crime family are really grasping at straws now. They’ll do anything to avoid going to prison for their crimes. Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort is one of those rats grasping at straws. He has asked a federal judge to hold a hearing about leaks surrounding his role in Russia’s attack on our election in 2016.

Robert Mueller looks like he’s disgusted with Trump crime family games. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

POLITICO reported today that Manafort wants to be able to summon witnesses to testify about those leaks, and argued that they could prevent him from having a fair trial. But Robert Mueller was all over that nonsense by asking the judge to turn down his request. The prosecutors working for Mueller argued that the anonymously sourced news accounts cited do not mention the role or activities of a grand jury, so they don’t merit a hearing.

The prosecutors wrote that.

‘Many of the matters reported, if accurate, would have been known to the defense, to witnesses who were interviewed or subpoenaed for documents, or to other investigators examining overlapping issues. The cited articles, in short, do not establish any factual basis for the inquiry that Manafort asks the Court to undertake.’

They went on to add that the leaks could have originated from members of Congress or their aides, and if the hearing was permitted they would investigate if any of the leaks came from Manafort’s defense team or his spokesperson.

Paul Manafort even looks like he oozes corruption. Photographer: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg

As crooked as nearly everyone in the Trump crime family has proven themselves to be, it wouldn’t be outside the realm of possibility that Manafort made the leaks himself just so he could try and get a mistrial. Rats will do anything they can to keep from getting trapped…especially if it’s serving a long sentence in a prison. But never fear, Mueller is on the case and will bring justice to those who need it most.

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