Massive Donations To Trump Raise Suspicions – Dangerous Motives Come To Light


There is no doubt that the actions taken by Trump during his presidency, his campaign, and even his birtherism tour before he announced his candidacy for the 2016 presidential race. One particular action, however, is not only harmful now but will cause the most lasting harm of his terms of office.

Axios reports that:

‘Senate Republicans on Thursday confirmed President Donald Trump’s twelfth federal appeals court nominee, setting a record for the most circuit court picks confirmed in a president’s first year.’

Since these judges can serve in their appointed posts for decades, it is truly one of the most frightening thoughts in regards to Trump’s presidency. Why is he in such a hurry to confirm so many federal judges, though? Some have speculated that he’s done so to keep himself and his criminal buddies out of jail, there may be another, more plausible reason.

Since it is clear that Trump has very few personal convictions and acts almost exclusively for personal benefit to himself (to please his voters so he might be reelected and to increase his and his family’s and friends’ personal wealth), it should be obvious that other motivations for his record number of judicial appointments has a personally beneficial motive.

‘One of the largest contributions to President Donald Trump’s inaugural committee in 2016 appears to have been orchestrated by a set of powerful conservative legal activists who have since been put in the driver’s seat of the administration’s push to select and nominate federal judges.

‘The $1 million inaugural gift came from a Northern Virginia company called BH Group, LLC. Unlike other generous corporate inaugural donors, like Bank of America and Dow Chemical, though, BH Group was a cipher, and likely was set up solely to prevent disclosure of the actual donor’s name.’

BH Group is a group of conservative legal activists, although that seems to be all that is known about them. No one can say “who runs it or its reason for being beyond writing a seven-figure check on Dec. 22, 2016.”

That contribution, in addition to foreign donations to Trump’s inaugural commitee, are now coming under fire for these contributions since the group that has been notably instrumental in helping to select federal judges for Trump to appoint.

Is there anything Trump won’t do to harm America for money?

Featured image via Getty/NICHOLAS KAMM