Michael Avenatti Hands Off Vital Money Funnel Evidence To Robert Mueller – Trump Panics


Michael Avenatti has been all over the news stations the past few months. His defense of former adult actress Stormy Daniels brought him into the limelight, but it’s his investigation of former Trump attorney Michael Cohen that’s kept him there. Avenatti continuously unearths information that’s damaging to Cohen and Trump. He must have mad investigative skills.

Michael Avenatti. Photographer: Victor J. Blue/Bloomberg

Just yesterday he posted a video showing wealthy Qatari businessman Ahmed Al-Rumaihi on his way to an important meeting with Michael Cohen in Trump Tower. The DailyMail.com reported that Cohen allegedly approached Al-Rumaihi, one of the managers of the oil rich nation’s $100 billion investment fund and promised him that millions of dollars could be passed through him directly to members of the Trump family in exchange for influence in the Trump administration. The claims of a demand for the money were made by a senior Kuwaiti government source close to Al-Rumaihi.

If this is true, and it seems to be, then Michael Cohen is really in some big trouble. But the big question is, how much did the Trump crime family know about Cohen’s request for money? Did Trump send Cohen to the meeting and direct him to ask for the money, or was Trump kept in the dark? Only time–and Robert Mueller–will give us the answers to those questions.

With information coming forth this week that China paid Trump $500 million for a project he’s doing in Indonesia, and in turn Trump helped China produce phones that hurt our national security, something seems extremely corrupt in Trump’s business dealings. It’s quite obvious that he doesn’t have our best interests in mind, so no one should be surprised if Trump set this whole thing up. The more we learn about crooked Cohen and corrupt Trump the more they look guilty as hell. Hopefully Mueller can take Avenatti’s evidence and put both of them away.

Featured Image via Getty Images