Trump Goes On Psycho Anti-Mueller Twitter Rant Like A Scared Future Prison B*tch


It’s no big secret that Trump yells “fake news” at every negative story while lying through his teeth to the American people on a daily basis. His Tuesday morning tweet, however, took lying to a whole new level.

Trump loves to push the idea that an anonymous source is a made-up source (throughout the past week, it’s become obvious that some of the worst anonymous leakers are Trump’s own team), but anonymous sources have commonly been used to get news to the public without harming a source or destroying their lives. This is the same president, by the way, who began his political career by insisting that a “very credible” source (no name mentioned) told him that President Obama’s birth certificate was a fake.

The lies, however, did not end there.

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Trump’s poll numbers are not in any way “the best” they’ve been “in a year.” He really likes to only focus on Rasmussen polls, which favor him and all Republicans, but an average of all political approval/disapproval polls show that his approval rating is actually lower than it was throughout the past year.

The president also fails to mention that the Mueller investigation has come nowhere close to the time and cost of the Ken Starr investigation into Clinton telling his mistress not to tell investigators that the two had an affair. While Clinton’s actions were unethical at the time, they did nothing to hurt the country. In fact, the investigation caused more harm to the country than Clinton having an affair and trying to hide it. Trump cries “witch hunt!” and “it’s gone on long enough,” but the investigation into Clinton went on for four years and cost over $70,000,000.

Twitter hasn’t forgotten and didn’t skip over any of these points. See some of their comments below:

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