BREAKING: Net Neutrality Reinstated By Dems In Massive Upset – Trump Fuming Mad


In a victory for anyone who appreciates a free and open internet that’s not controlled by major corporations, Democrats actually forced a vote on the ending of net neutrality laws and voted to reinstate net neutrality laws, which were due to expire in June.

Photo by Zach Gibson/Getty Images.

What’s promising is the fact that a few Republicans broke with their party and joined Democrats in the vote, which resulted in a 52-47 vote. The Republican senators who voted with Democrats were Sens. Susan Collins, John Kennedy, and Lisa Murkowski.

Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images.

Of course, Sen. Mitch McConnell opposed the measure commenting:

‘Initial remarks this morning kicked off with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell saying that “this resolution takes us in the wrong direction,” and insisting that it’s a partisan attempt to drum up a campaign issue.’

He does make a correct assertion, however. Net neutrality is considered a major campaign issue for the 2018 mid-term elections, which are quickly coming up.