Trump Faked Phone Call During Table Read At SNL & The Reason Will Make You Laugh


The American public, and consequently global community, have learned a great deal about Donald Trump since he was elected president. From his racist mentalities to his suppressive agendas, a great deal of light has been shed on the true nature of President Trump over the last year and a half, much of which was unknown until he decided to step out of his lane and into the harsh limelight of public office.

One of the most evident, and admittedly humorous, things about Trump’s personality that has been uncovered is his apparently severe inferiority complex. In just about any and every regard, President Trump feels the need to either prove his worth via arbitrary metrics, or belittle others around him in order to boost his own self-esteem.

One story, as told by Pete Davidson, a cast member on “Saturday Night Live”, depicts not only Trump’s incessant need to feel superior, but shows to what meaningless lengths he is willing to go to impress the people around him.

In the clip, Davidson recalls the time when a candidate Donald Trump hosted SNL in 2015, claiming that Trump was acting “weird” the entire week. More specifically, he depicts an interaction between Trump and the cast while doing a script read in preparation of the show, Trump faked a phone call which allegedly gave him the news that his book had claimed the number one spot.

Davidson outlines an almost awkward feeling in the room when Trump exclaimed to the group that his book had reached the top spot, as the rest of the cast clearly noticed that not only did the phone not ring, the brevity of the call and Trump’s quick responses over the phone clearly indicated that nobody else was on the other line.

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Aside from his failed attempt at impressing the SNL cast, other cast members have made remarks on what it was like working with Trump, with the words “embarrassing” and “shameful” becoming a common trend in the responses. Unfortunately for the American public, and again, the global community, having a president with such a deep-seated need to be superior in the eyes of others is a terrible, dangerous, and volatile thing.

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