Delusional Donald Finishes Brunch & Live Tweets Mental Breakdown Like A VERY Scared Man


Trump began his day with some wild, ranting tweets, and appears to be planning to spend his “executive time” tweeting more and more outlandish and misleading claims on Twitter. If there is anything this president can be counted on to say (and lie about) despite his endlessly unpredictable nature, three topics remain consistent: the Mueller investigation, his own economic successes, and how unfair the media has been to him.

For the record, nothing about Mueller’s investigation into the Trump 2016 presidential campaign has been found to be illegal while several of Trump’s associates have pleaded guilty to crimes. However, it is his false claims about the economy that are worth further discussion since “witch hunt” and “fake news” are truly played out at this point.

Six months ago, Trump sent his press secretary out to push his lies on his economic successes:

‘Sanders suggests that its outlandish to give Obama credit for the current economy, claiming that “we can all agree the economy is better under Trump.” The problem is, Trump’s economy owes largely to trends started in the Obama era. By almost every economic measure, the upward trends Sanders and Trump cite began while Obama was still in office.’

However, these dubious claims don’t hold up under fact-checking. There are handy charts Trump might want to review before making his ridiculous claims, although facts mean little to this president. To compare Trump’s “most successful” in history claims, see these handy charts below.

After Obama’s first year in office when he was still dealing with a recession, his highest number of job growth was nearly three million new jobs. Obama also had the most consistent years of job growth of any president in modern history.

To compare Trump’s job growth to Obama’s, Trump has had nowhere near Obama’s most successful year, making his claims that he has had the “most successful” economic gains “in history” plainly a complete fabrication.

Trump also lies repeatedly about his “promises kept” rhetoric, a claim his rabid fan base latched onto as the truth. However, Trump has failed to keep many of his campaign promises, including one about creating 10 million jobs in the first year. Riding the success of Obama’s policies, Trump’s administration and policies have created only 1.7 million, making the gap between his promises and the truth by 9.7 million.

Trump also consistently bashed President Obama during the campaigns for a slow rate in growing the GDP, saying he was increase it by four percent in each of his terms. So far, his highest quarter of GDP growth is around three percent, which comes nowhere close to Obama’s first year, which reached close to five percent in 2014.

In short, Trump has not kept promises, nor has he had anywhere close to the most successful presidency in history. Franklin Delano Roosevelt raised the country from a Great Depression. Bill Clinton left office with the first budget surplus in modern history. Outside of financial successes, Lyndon Baines Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act, Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation that ended the practice of slavery. Obama passed both healthcare and Wall Street reform, oversaw the killing of Osama bin Laden whose was the man responsible for the 9/11 terrorist attack, and rescued the auto industry. Trump’s only policy success so far is tax cuts for the very wealthy, which he also lied about by saying it would hurt his own income significantly but was found to actually reduce Trump’s own taxes by a wide margin.

No, Trump is not the most successful presidency in history, and Twitter isn’t buying that, either. See some of their comments below:

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