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No matter how many times actual facts are explained to Donald Trump, he refuses to accept that he is wrong. With little understanding of the Constitution, the law, the powers of a president, or pretty much anything else, his administration has struggled to rein him in and convince him even with evidence that proves him wrong.

Three sources from within the administration spoke to reporters to confirm that Trump recently demanded that Postmaster General Megan Brennan double the shipping rates for Amazon. Despite the fact that Brennan has explained to him repeatedly that Amazon receives no special treatment and pays the same shipping rates as other companies of its size, which benefits the post office, Trump refuses to listen.

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According to The Washington Post:

‘Brennan has so far resisted Trump’s demand, explaining in multiple conversations occurring this year and last that these arrangements are bound by contracts and must be reviewed by a regulatory commission, the three people said. She has told the president that the Amazon relationship is beneficial for the Postal Service and gave him a set of slides that showed the variety of companies, in addition to Amazon, that also partner for deliveries.’

While the U.S. Post Office is in financial trouble, that decline in profits is related to laws requiring them to pay toward pensions many years in advance for employees. One of the biggest resources they have to help offset some of the costs of that is their parcel shipping service, and Amazon is one of the largest customers they serve.

Even shown evidence of this by Brennan, who began working for the U.S. Post Office more than 32 years ago, Trump refused to listen.

‘Despite these presentations, Trump has continued to level criticism at Amazon. And last month, his critiques culminated in the signing of an executive order mandating a government review of the financially strapped Postal Service that could lead to major changes in the way it charges Amazon and others for package delivery.’

Trump rails about Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’ tax breaks, but sang a different tune about his own taxes during a 2016 presidential debate when Hillary Clinton pointed out that Trump’s businesses pay very little in taxes. According to Trump, that’s because he’s “smart.”

What is apparent is that Trump’s real ire is directed more toward another company owned by Bezos, The Washington Post. The president has referred to them as Amazon lobbyists and “fake news” because he cannot handle their refusal to report only positive stories about Trump’s success as president.

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