Football Star Makes Announcement To Families Of Santa Fe High Mass Shooting Victims


This past Friday, the United States was thrown into turmoil yet again when ten people lost their lives in a shooting at Santa Fe High School in Texas. In the time since the atrocity, a tide of again renewed support for common sense gun control has swelled up, although many Republicans in D.C. continue to prove themselves averse to actually doing something.

Meanwhile, NFL star J.J. Watt, who plays as a defensive end with the Houston Texans, has made it known that he will be paying for the funeral costs of the victims of the Friday shooting. Nine students and one teacher were among the deceased, and there were a reported ten people wounded.

Watts has actually carried out notable acts to support the Texas community in the past, too.

After Hurricane Harvey, he launched a campaign to raise relief funds that ended up bringing in more than $37 million. With his efforts for that cause in mind, Watt was officially named the NFL’s 2017 Walter Payton Man of the Year in a ceremony a few months ago.

Besides Watt’s gesture, other Texan athletic interests showed their own support for the victims, too.

Houston Rockets player Chris Paul wrote on Twitter that we “need to do better by our children.”

So far, Republicans in government have refused to listen to the calls from Paul and others.

Featured Image via Scott Olson/Getty Images