JUST IN: FBI Informant Infiltrates Trump Camp – Donald Is Officially Screwed


The FBI has known for quite a while that the Trump crime family was deeply intertwined with Russian agents. They could smell the stink from a mile away. After they received evidence that two of Trump’s closest advisors had suspicious contacts linked to Russia during the campaign, they sent in an informant to dig up some information. The Washington Post reported Friday that a retired American professor, who was also a longtime U.S. intelligence source, met with three of Trump’s advisors in July of 2016.

The informant met with Trump campaign advisers George Papadopoulos, Carter Page, and Trump campaign co-chair Sam Clovis. The meeting with Clovis happened at a coffee shop in Virginia, where the informant offered to to provide foreign policy advice to the Trump campaign. He met Page for brief talks and meetings that largely centered on foreign policy. His meetings with Papadopoulos happened in London after the informant offered him $3000 to write a paper about about the oil fields off the coast of Turkey, Israel and Cyprus.

Trump is trying to play it off like the FBI was spying on him for no reason. But the truth is the FBI had credible evidence that Trump’s campaign was dirty from the start, so they started digging into what was going on. Every American should be concerned about Trump’s dirty ties to Russia and should ignore any of his rantings about the FBI trying to set him up.

Criminals almost always blame someone else for their crimes and Donald Trump is no different. He thinks he can continue to pull the wool over America’s eyes and no one will be the wiser. But anyone with even a modicum of common sense knew that Trump was dirty the moment he hired someone like Carter Page to work for him. Page was entangled with Russians way before Trump ever hired him, and the FBI knew it. Now it’s time for Trump to get his comeuppance.

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