Restaurant Owner Caught On Camera Slapping Black Employee In The Face (VIDEO)


While many of us are caught up in the endless rounds of nonsense that emanate from the White House on a near daily basis, there’s still nonsense going down across the United States, too. Some of the most prominent examples of the social subversion wracking the U.S. concurrent to Donald Trump’s rise to power are no doubt the white nationalist demonstrations that have peppered the country recently.

There are other available demonstrations of that fact too, however.

One such example was caught on camera by a patron of a the Doo’s Seafood restaurant in Georgia last week; in the incident filmed by Markus Moultrie, the restaurant owner — immediately identified only as Mr. Lee — slapped a female African American employee of his in the face after she refunded a purchase Moultrie made.

Moultrie captioned a video he captured of the incident and posted to Facebook by writing:

‘The crazy shit that happened on my lunch[:] an Asian man hit his black employee becuz his wife was mad at me because she had to give me a refund for $8.47. ….she told her employee she had to pay for my meal….I told her that’s nonsense if you the one who fucked up my order then you need to pay for it not ya employee…..shit popped off.’

Watch the video Moultrie captured below.

After explaining the situation in the caption accompanying his video, Moultrie wrote:

‘[A]nybody know lawyers or how to publicise this situation….anybody know News connects cuz this shit was crazy!!!’

Moultrie having posted the video has done plenty to publicize it, seeing as it’s been viewed as of late Monday afternoon some 328,000 times.

The beginning of the restaurant’s internet bio on their website reads as follows:

‘The Doo’s Seafood & Deli Story starts in South Korea, where a couple, Mr. and Mrs. Lee were in search of a better life for their family and children.  They always worked hard, stayed focused on helping others and maintained a vision that one day they would be able to build something as a family they could expand.  In time, they landed in the U.S. in Louisiana outside of New Orleans and found work to support their family and build a new life.’

As the rolling out news website notes, if that really is, in fact, Mr. and Mrs. Lee in the video that Moultrie posted, then their “new life” entails some serious toxic nonsense for their employees.

At present, Doo’s Seafood operates at, apparently, three locations across Georgia — Snellville, Stone Mountain, and Lawrenceville. Whatever the ramifications of the incident Moultrie caught on camera may turn out to be aren’t clear yet; it’s not as though the company website is no longer operational or anything. For now though, if you’re making your way around Georgia, then don’t eat at Doo’s.

Although what exact motivations went into a man who is apparently the Mr. Lee behind Doo’s Seafood slapping his employee aren’t immediately clear, over recent months, there has been an intriguingly successful campaign of outing those who tote their hate around the country under the banner of white nationalism. In other words, you can’t hide from the internet for long.

Featured Image via Screenshot from the Video