The Military Just Made A New Coin With Trump’s Face On It & It’s Absolutely Hideous


One would think that as many times as Donald Trump has royally screwed things up, he’d learn a bit of humility. But one would be wrong in thinking that way. Donald Trump has no humility and never will. His big screw up this time has to do with a commemorative coin he had minted to celebrate a meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un that will probably never happen.

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North Korean Leader, and man with a blind barber, Kim Jong Un. (Photo by Inter Korean Press Corp/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

For years the U.S. military has issued challenge coins as a way of rewarding soldiers for particularly impressive feats. They’ve been so popular that the tradition has now spread to the civilian parts of the government.  The coins are now used to commemorate specific events or accomplishments.

Part of the problem with Trump’s particular coin is that it refers to Kim Jong Un as Supreme Leader, even though he’s holding over 100,000 of his own people (political prisoners) in deplorable prison camps, and a substantial number of people in his country are starving to death. Sounds like he’s a real great supreme leader for sure with stats like that. The coin also has Trump and Kim looking eye to eye as if they’re on equal footing, which will make the North Korean leader absolutely giddy with glee.

Trump thinks he has this meeting in the bag, but since he’s demanding that North Korea give up all their nuclear weapons, and Kim refuses to do that, this meeting will most likely never happen. Given that, Trump is going to look like a fool when the North refuses to show up for the summit. But looking like a fool is the one thing Donald Trump does very well.

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