First Female Marine Pilot To Fly An F/A-18 In Combat Wins Dem Primary In Stunning Upset


Ever since Donald Trump cheated his way into the White House, Democrats have fought hard to ensure we see a huge blue wave come crashing to shore in November’s election. Democrats have won some special elections in deep red states, and that terrifies Republicans everywhere. In Kentucky, a former combat marine pilot won his primary on Tuesday, beating a well-liked and respected mayor, and will be on the ballot for the next election.

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Amy McGrath, the first female Marine to fly an F/A-18 in combat, bested Lexington Mayor Jim Gray, and will now face Republican Rep. Andy Barr for Kentucky’s 6th Congressional District seat. Her upset of Gray was something that was unimaginable a few months ago, but her story and her fund raising really pulled through for her.

The primary race was a pretty clean one by today’s standards, with only one attack ad coming from Gray. He tried to tar McGrath as a carpetbagger for spending her career outside of the district. That attack failed miserably after it was pointed out to him that the only time she lived outside the district was when she was proudly serving time defending this country.

Republicans are scared that McGrath will also vanquish Barr in the general election. The Congressional Leadership Fund, a super PAC aligned with House leadership, has an office in the district that’s been mobilizing Republicans for months, and has booked $1.8 million in television advertising time in the district.

However, if the special election wins by Democrats in the past year are a true indication of the way the country is leaning, then the Congressional Leadership Fund might just be throwing their money away. People are furious about what Trump is doing to this country, and they can plainly see that nearly all Republicans are allowing him to get away with it.