Kellyanne Conway’s Husband’s New Anti-Trump Job Has W.H. On Level 10 Freakout Watch


Kellyanne Conway’s husband George Conway’s attitude toward Donald Trump  has been almost directly opposite her point of view. Her husband does not have a little voice either, with nearly 50,000 followers. How has this odd couple manage to stay married?

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Kellyanne’s husband even caught the attention of ABC’s cohost Whoopi Goldberg with his anti-Trump tweets. She gave him a shoutout from her show, ABC’s The View, according to CNN:

‘I say George, keep it up, honey. Whether your wife gets it or not, stay sane. It’s a good thing to stay sane.’

When former New York City mayor and current Trump attorney said the president could not be subpoenaed, George Conway responded “Drivel.” Kellyanne’s husband is not only critical of Trump, he suggested other Trump critics how to improve their arguments.

Law professor and co-founder of the Federalist Society Steven Calabresi told CNN:

‘I’ve known him for 30 years, and George follows what George thinks. He speaks his own mind. If I were George, I wouldn’t do this. But his tweets do not come as a surprise to me. The two people who brought down Harriet Miers were George Conway and (conservative legal scholar Robert) Bork. I’m sure he supported the Bush administration. But George does not follow the party.’

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Neoconservative and founder of the Weekly Standard but strong Never Trumper, Bill Kristol said:

Their silence has been a big problem. It’s let Trump get away with too much on the rule-of-law front, where the most natural and informed people haven’t stepped up to say anything. Having big-name conservative lawyers consistently rebuking Trump could have made a difference. Their silence is taken as acquiescence. Institutionally, I suppose the Federalist Society has never done better. In terms of speaking truth to power, on the other hand, it’s never been more silent.’

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Founding editor of the legal news site Above The Law, David Lat said:

‘This is an adjustment for him, and a big one. At George’s age, it’s very unusual to give up partnership.’

At the time, Kellyanne’s husband said:

‘Kellyanne and I continue to support the President and his Administration, and I look forward to doing so in whatever way I can from outside the government.’

Lat continued:

‘He’s not a wallflower; he’s not a guy who blends into the background. Twitter is a place where he can assert his independent identity.’

One of Kellyanne’s former coworkers in the White House worried about the effect her husband’s tweets would have on her:

‘I had some angst for her. My anxiety was that he was putting Kellyanne in a bad spot. But I don’t think it affected her at all. Her standing with the president is rock solid. She’s as loyal as it gets—sometimes to a fault. I would say the likely impact of George’s tweets inside the White House is negligible.’

Former Harvard University Law professor Alan Dershowitz has always been a Democrat, but he became a top Trump supporter on cable news. He said:

“This is not Mary Matalin and James Carville. These are both conservative Republicans. One of them has a job to do, and she has to only say positive things. He doesn’t have a job to do. Each one has to be judged by the job, and the context. I could see someone saying, “My wife does this, so I’m going to keep my mouth shut.” But he’s not that kind of guy.”’



Dershowitz continued:

‘I have friends who say, “Everything you say is right, but you should shut the fuck up.” The answer to that is, people like Conway and me, we can’t. Part of being married is being an independent person.’

Former Department of Justice (DOJ) prosecutor Carrie Cordero strongly defended the Mueller probe:

‘The Department of Justice doesn’t open investigations for political purposes. Which is what the president says today he will order tomorrow. There are rules. And I’m convinced there are people left in this administration who will follow them.’

Both of the Conways are attorneys.

Featured Image  via Writer Daniel Kibblesmith’s Twitter Page.