Meghan McCain Has All-Out Meltdown On ‘The View,’ Whoopi Forces Commercial Break


Meghan McCain’s talking parts on The View are arguably the worst thing about the show. Her endless whining about the unfair treatment of conservatives, gun owners, pro-lifers, Republican women, and the American flag and anthem, as well as her constant name dropping of her father, has become quite ridiculous to anyone with a knowledge of her privileged upbringing.

She pretentiously and arrogantly pretends to have a vast knowledge of politics without realizing that her political viewpoint is missing one pertinent thing..a realization of reality for the people in this country who weren’t lucky enough to be born with a silver spoon in their mouths.

This supposed defender of the constitution gave a speech so ridiculously unconstitutional, that even co-host Whoopi Goldberg couldn’t bare to listen to it any further.

McCain said this, like the simpleton she is:

“I disagree with everyone on this table. I would never be okay with somebody not saluting the flag. By the way, 72 percent of Americans, according to Reuters, said that they thought Kaepernick’s behavior was unpatriotic.”

Screenshot via YouTube May 24th, 2018

Does she even realize she just said she thinks it’s okay to force “free” Americans to put their hands on their chests whenever a large group of people have decided it’s time to be patriotic? Can she not see the pure hypocrisy in her entire ironic existence?

Co-host Sunny Hostin abruptly interrupted McCain with statistics of what Black Americans thought of Kaepernick’s protest. That’s when Meghan got pissed. She wined loudly:

“Can I just finish what I’m saying!? I’m still talking!”

Joy Behar chimes in to let Meghan know that everyone has the right to speak, as if she’s a toddler.

Meghan whines over her:

“I’m still talking, I’m still speaking!”

Whoopi immediately puts McCain into a time out and cuts to commercial break in the most hilarious way. Check out the chaos below: