Old White Drunk Goes On Anti-Muslim Attack Against Students Eating At McDonald’s


In what most people have come to think of as “Trump’s America”, yet another white American male has attacked innocent people for existing in the United States while appearing to be Muslim. This time the attack took place at a McDonald’s in St. Augustine, Florida.

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First Coast News reports that in St. Augustine a man was arrested on May 23 after he attacked two men that he believed were Middle Eastern or Muslim at a McDonald’s restaurant.

The men that were attacked, one of which identified himself as an Egyptian exchange student, told a local reporter that they were completely in shock after they were attacked by John Jay Smith, a 60 year-old Florida resident, who began shouting out at them while they ate hamburgers in a parked car outside of the McDonald’s.

Smith, who threatened them with a knife and a stun gun, was later arrested and charged with two third-degree felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon charges, one first-degree felony burglary with assault or battery charge, and one third-degree felony trespassing charge.

Reportedly Smith shouted at the two men:

‘Get out of my country, you do not deserve to eat here.’

Smith, who was brandishing a switch blade along with another knife, first approached and yelled:

‘Get the f*** out of here. You don’t deserve American food.’

Along with the knives, Smith also pulled out his stun gun and threatened the two men with it, calling it his “zap.” He attempted and failed to stick his hand in the window and use the stun gun on the men.

Both men were shaken, and the driver of the vehicle backed his car into a pole in an effort to get away from Smith quickly.

Police arrived on the scene to interview both men and an employee of the McDonald’s restaurant and arrested John Smith. According to the police report, Smith appeared to be intoxicated and indicated that he attacked the men based solely on what he assumed was their religion. Smith then weakly added that “They killed my son. My son was a Marine.” According to the belligerent racist, his son served in the Marines and died in combat in Afghanistan.

Whether or not Smith felt justified is not relevant. He wrongly attacked two men that were minding their own business while having brown skin, which is just plain old-fashioned racism.

One of the men who was attacked told a reporter:

‘We don’t have any hard feelings towards him — I don’t know him — and we feel vulnerable and scared.’

Smith could also face hate crime charges.

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