Trump’s Border Patrol Just Murdered An Unarmed Immigrant In Cold Blood (VIDEO)


Donald Trump’s rhetoric about immigrants is just shameful. He’s the son of immigrants so you would think he’d have a little bit of heart towards other immigrants, but that’s not so. His anti-immigrant language is wrong and even dangerous. Take for instance what happened yesterday for instance. A Border patrol agent in Texas shot and killed an undocumented and unarmed woman who was traveling with two other individuals.

The BP agent claimed that she and the other two individuals assaulted him with rocks and water bottles, but according to a witness it appeared as if the woman was hiding in the bushes when the agent shot her. Marta Martinez who was at home at the time and heard the shot, went out to investigate while live streaming on Facebook. After she got outside she said,

‘I heard a Border Patrol agent screaming, See what happens? See what you caused?’

She also said she witnessed the agent flip the woman’s body over and that she was bleeding heavily out of the left side of her face. She then said that she believed the migrants were running, but said that she did not see them flee. She does not believe they were attacking the agent when the woman was shot.

‘The girl was in the grass and trees; to me she was hiding. They’re saying they threw rocks at the agents, but the two migrants were scared and the one guy was scared — they didn’t have rocks in their hands.’

The case in now being investigated by the FBI and the Texas Rangers. But as we’ve seen a hundred other times after an unarmed individual gets gunned down, there likely will never be any charges brought against the agent who did the shooting. Judging by Trump’s vile rhetoric in the past, he’d probably be just fine if the agent never faces any charges anyway–in fact he’d probably congratulate him for his actions.

Featured Image via Getty Images