BREAKING: Police Respond To Multiple Shots Fired At Middle School (DETAILS)


At this point, it’s hard to imagine how many more shootings it will take and how many more children will have to die before lawmakers decide that the campaign contributions they receive from the NRA are less important than the nation’s youngest and most vulnerable members.

A school shooting at Noblesville West Middle School in Indiana has been reported by local news just days after 10 people, including one teacher and nine students, were killed in Santa Fe, Texas. Students remain on lockdown as of 10:16 AM EST and police report that they believe they’ve detained the only suspect involved at this time, although many details have not yet been reported.

Local NBC affiliate WTHR reports that:

‘Two victims have been transported to Methodist Hospital. IU Health confirms it’s one one adult and one minor. Their conditions are unknown.’

Students at the middle school were only one week away from summer break. Parents have been asked to wait at a nearby Noblesville High School until all students are accounted for to be reunited with their children.

USA Today affiliate Indy Star reports that an email statement from patrol officer Bryant Orem said:

‘Two victims have been taken to Methodist Hospital and family notification of the victims has been made. No information is available on victim status.’

Both victims are currently being treated at a local hospital. A press conference by police is expected at around 11:00 AM EST, where more extensive details should be released. This story will be updated as those breaking details are reported.


One parent of a student at Noblesville West Middle School says that the injured adult is a science teacher who was able to stop the shooter but was injured in the process. The child victim, according to his son, was a 13-year-old female student. Police have not yet confirmed those details.


Parents are now being allowed to pick up their children from the school and the lone suspect has been arrested. Reports of an additional student who was injured are being reported by CBS affiliate Channel 4 in Indianapolis has also been released, but police have not confirmed reports of a second child victim.


Police confirm in a press conference that one student and one adult have been transported to a local hospital for treatment, no confirmation of a second student who was injured. The suspect has been identified only as a student at the middle school.