Reporter Releases Evidence That Trump’s Morning Attack On ‘NY Times’ Was A Total Lie


Donald Trump started his day with a barrage of psychotic tweets, one of which targeted a New York Times story about a quote a W.H. advisor gave one of their reporters. The source reportedly said that the meeting between President Trump and Kim Jong-un was an impossible task. The president then ranted like a lunatic about The Times making up a nonexistent staffer to sell a story.

The Times reported that Trump wouldn’t be able to make the summit meeting happen on the planned date due to time constraints. Trump instantly flew into a rage with these tweets:

White House reporters immediately and collectively lost it. They began issuing responses to the flat-out lie just told by the president of the United States to his millions of social media followers.

Now, Yashar Ali from NY Magazine and Huffington Post has turned over the evidence that President Trump does not want you to see; the actual audio recording that was mentioned by NY Times. The recording of the White House staffer that Donald Trump says doesn’t exist, that is. Check it out below: