Trump Lashes Out About W.H. Official Who ‘Doesn’t Exist’ Like He’s Mentally Defective


After relations seemed to have been easing between North Korea and the rest of the international community, the back and forth between the Trump administration and North Korean government has, yet again, caused instability between the nations. As Kim Jong-Un has come to the negotiations table, and has claimed to forgo their nuclear weapons testing, the Trump administration is aiming to not only enforce the existing sanctions on North Korea, but furthermore intensify them to ensure that the dictatorship does not turn its back on the progress that has been made thus far.

With these instabilities emerging, reports have claimed uncertainty within the administration as to how best to deal with North Korea moving forward, the forthcoming summit between Trump and Kim Jong-Un was cancelled on Thursday. With media outlets claiming that there is disagreement within the administration regarding how best to deal with this dilemma, President Trump has taken to his infamously favored platform to try and squash such claims.

Trump also remains dodgy surrounding the question of whether the summit would be reinstated, calling out the New York Times for falsely reporting information on if and when the meeting would take place.

What seemed to be a massive shift in the international political landscape just weeks ago with the meeting with North Korean and South Korean leaders, it is clear that recent developments have now thrown any progress into doubt. As the Trump administration continues to push for a “maximum pressure” approach on North Korea in order to maintain their adherence to international guidelines, it is apparent that many are growing wary of the constant back and forth that has come to embody his foreign policy.

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