Treasonous Trump Loses His Mind & Tweets Sunday Message Like A Marvel Movie Madman


Sometimes the tweets sent by Donald Trump are so confusing and outrageous that it’s difficult to know what he’s talking about. His early Sunday morning tweet made no sense, and Twitter users were baffled by his words.

It’s impossible to determine which “young and beautiful lives” to which he’s referring here. Does he mean that his supporters came to Washington, D.C. and were devastated by the Russia probe? Is he arguing on behalf of staffers like Hope Hicks and Michael Flynn, Jr., both of whom became entangled in the web of Trump’s lies that they repeated? No matter which lives he’s referring to, he seems to think that only some lives are beautiful and some are “other.”

For instance, the lives being destroyed by physical, psychological, and sexual abuse at the border, people who came to America with hope in their hearts seeking refuge from political violence and starvation, are young and beautiful lives, too. These lives are truly being damaged forever and not because they chose to follow a corrupt and possibly criminal president to the White House and then lying for him and helping to cover up evidence in a Russia probe for which Trump really should be blaming his own campaign.

The president certainly didn’t seem to care about destroying the “young and beautiful lives (and others)” who worked for Hillary Clinton and were accused of made-up crimes that he repeatedly called for Clinton, her husband, President Obama, and everyone in their orbit to be “locked up” over.

If anyone has destroyed the lives of people in Trump’s administration and others who have supported him, ┬áit is Donald Trump for hiring shady people like Paul Manafort, Michael Flynn, George Papadapolous, Rick Gates, and Carter Page. Those are the people destroying their own lives and the lives now caught in their tangled web of lives.

Twitter was confused by Trump’s tweet, as well. Read some of their responses below.

Featured image via Getty/Pool