Rudy Giuliani Booed Hysterically During Memorial Day Game At Yankee Stadium (VIDEO)


Rudy Giuliani has had a steady uphill battle ever since 9/11, and his mouth is solely to blame for that. The former mayor of NYC has made some pretty ridiculous and downright disgusting statements, both in the past, and as of late. The election of Donald Trump made Giuliani’s bravado even worse. He joined the president in sexist attacks on Hillary Clinton, like the one mentioned below.

Axios reported in March:

“President Trump entertained around 250 Republican donors in his Mar-a-Lago ballroom. Spotted in the audience: Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen, who recently admitted to paying $130,000 to porn star Stormy Daniels. The most shocking moment of the evening came when Trump brought his old pal Rudy Giuliani onto the stage. Giuliani told the crowd he had been down there for Trump’s wedding. “Hillary was also here,” he said, according to two sources in the room, “and she actually fit through the door.””

“The crowd gasped. I’m told Giuliani’s wife gave him a “most foul look.” Trump later told the audience: “I’m just glad I didn’t say it.””

Lately, Giuliani has been outing his client, President Trump, on national television, and just overall making an ass of himself:

Now, just the mention of his name is throwing people into a frenzy, apparently. A perfect example is the Memorial Day baseball game at Yankee Stadium. Today also happens to be the birthday of Rudy Giuliani, so when the stadium announced his birthday over the speakers, every person in the stadium shouted out an overwhelming “BOO.”

Check out the hilarious video below to see what riding Trump’s coattails can do to a person’s career: