Trump Furious After Former Presidents Show Him Up In Historic Memorial Day Tweets


Donald Trump has proven time and time again that he has no shame and absolutely no class. He always tries to take credit for things he had absolutely nothing to do with. It’s just embarrassing. He should really be embarrassed by the tweet he dropped this morning.

Those service members he’s talking about would be more appalled by the fact that our president is entangled with Russians, and that he’s allegedly committed so many crimes, instead of worrying about the economy. They would be hanging their heads in shame that Trump has done so much damage to this country’s reputation. Those brave men and women went to war and fought and died to make our country the beacon of freedom, and they would be disgusted by Donald Trump.

Former presidents posted some very classy tweets today, however, and Trump is sure to be livid.

Those tweets must really burn Trump up. None of them gave him credit for anything. Whether or not you ever agreed with any of our former presidents, they all showed that they have more class than Trump will ever have. Trump has soiled our White House and this country’s good reputation, and he’s knocked our democracy to its knees. He should be ashamed that he’s turned a solemn day of remembrance into something all about him.

Trump is probably sitting at some golf course stewing about the tweets of Clinton, Obama, and Bush, and how he can publicly attack them for not giving him credit in their tweets. After all he thinks the world revolves around him and that we should all be praising him every chance we get. He can’t understand that a lot of us are ashamed that he’s in the White House, and our deceased service members would be ashamed of that too.

Featured Image via Getty Images