Ex-Pentagon Official Releases Damning Message To Trump For Memorial Day Tweet


Donald Trump truly can’t keep from making a fool of himself. He runs off at the mouth just like a petulant child. He should be ashamed of the tweets he puts out for others to read. Take his tweet yesterday about how he thinks our fallen soldiers would be proud of the way he’s running this country. That’s just an idiotic statement. Our American soldiers are patriots and would be appalled at the things he’s done. Other people are certainly offended by Trump.

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Donald Trump channeling his inner Miley Cyrus. Put your tongue back in your mouth idiot. It makes you look even dumber with it out.

Take ex-Pentagon spokesman John Kirby for example. He told CNN today that he was deeply offended by Trump’s insensitive tweet:

‘It bothered me greatly. It deeply offended me. I’m not a combat vet, but I’ve known friends that’ve been killed in these wars over the last 17 years. I can assure you they didn’t think they were going over there to fight, to prepare to give their lives so that the American economy could thrive.’

However, Trump just can’t stop trying to congratulate himself for things he’s done nothing to bring about. Most people know that our economy came roaring back during President Obama’s tenure. Trump’s taking credit for it, and now he’s assuming that our fallen soldiers would be so thankful to him. Kirby went on to say

‘It was incredibly inappropriate for the commander in chief — and that’s what he is; he isn’t just the president, he’s the commander in chief — to talk about Memorial Day in that fashion. I joined the many, many veterans who were deeply offended by that’.

One has to wonder how so many people like Trump. He’s insensitive, makes a buffoon of himself almost daily, has no morals, and is one of the biggest narcissists anyone’s ever seen. It’s just embarrassing that we have someone like him sitting in the White House.

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