Another Republican Hits The Skids After Felony Investigations – Resigns Immediately


What is it with Republicans committing crimes? They have no problem whatsoever committing crimes on one hand, then talking about being the party of law and order on the other. Today Missouri’s Republican governor Eric Greitens announced that he would be resigning from office, rather than wait around and get impeached, which was what the state House committee was considering. If we could get Trump to resign with Greitens things would look a lot better in this country.

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Mike Pence has no trouble supporting a man who cheats on his wife even though he’s supposed to be a man of the church. It’s party over all else for Pence. (J.B. Forbes/St. Louis Post-Dispatch/TNS)

Greitens was facing felony charges for taking pictures of a woman during a sexual encounter without her consent and threatening to blackmail her with them. He was also accused of using a charity’s email list to solicit campaign donations and then failing to report his access to the list as a campaign contribution. He was indicted last month for computer tampering in that case already.

As of right now, the invasion of privacy charge has been dropped, but prosecutors have asked the court to appoint a special prosecutor to reopen the case.  Of course Greitens claims that he’s innocent of all charges and blames his detractors for causing all his legal problems. But isn’t that what all wrong doers say? They like to play the innocent card, or blame their problems on anyone else but themselves.

It seems like Republicans are getting caught committing alleged crimes left and right nowadays. It’s hard to fathom how a party that constantly forces their religious morals on the populace can be caught doing so many bad deeds. Why don’t the practice what they preach. They expect everyone else to follow the laws of the bible and the state, but they have no problem breaking those same laws themselves. It’s hypocrisy of the highest order.

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