JUST IN: Trump Blurts Out Classified Information At High-Dollar Fundraiser (DETAILS)


Donald Trump appears to believe that he can hand out classified information like $100 chips at one of his bankrupted casinos. He spilled classified information to Russians he secretly invited to the White House not long after he was elected. Now, he has done it again.

When he told the Russians something he clearly should have not, Trump caused a serious breach with Israel. For some reason, he did not understand that his bragging endangered lives.

Then, at one of Trump’s private fundraisers, he boasted about how well the Pentagon had done in Syria. How did he not know that information always leaks out from under closed doors?

The leader of the free world told some big spenders that he was terribly impressed by the American F-18 pilots. Trump said that in as few as “10 minutes” they killed as many as 100 to 300 Russians, according to a POLITICO. report. How will the Russians react to that comment?

The U.S. president has gone off script all the time at fundraisers, glorifying our military. Granted, the military does outstanding work, but they will not be able to continue if Trump keeps leaking.

Last fall, when he was at a Republican National Committee (RNC) fundraiser, he said that Defense Secretary Jim Mattis “never lost a battle.”

The commander-in-chief openly brags about the size and scope of America’s nuclear capabilities against North Korea.

There is a big problem with Trump releasing classified information about our military’s efforts against Russian soldiers in Syria. Tensions are already high.

After all, Trump authorized the focused bombing of Syria after Bashar Assad used chemical weapons against his own people. The military intentionally forewarned Russian targets.

That battle continued for four hours and killed 200 to 300 pro-Assad armed forces.

The RNC fundraiser was for around 100 of the president’s highest-dollar donors and was held at the Lotte New York Palace Hotel. His personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, was among the guests. The donors paid $50,000 each for the pleasure and raised about $5 million for the Trump Victory Committee.

The committee is a joint fundraising effort for both the RNC and Trump’s presidential campaign coffers.

The country’s leader also discussed his resolve to move the U.S. Embassy that was already in Tel Aviv, Israel to Jerusalem. The crowed clapped, and Trump bathed in their standing ovation.

Ivanka Trump and son-in-law Jared Kushner, both top advisers to the president, attended the celebration in Jerusalem. Outside of the event, Israeli soldiers were killing Palestinian protestors.

The man in the Oval Office also said that he understood what forces caused past presidents to renege on their promises to move their U.S. embassy to Jerusalem. He told the attendees that he had “kings and queen” trying to tell him to reconsider.

In fact, he believed that only a president with strength and conviction could  accomplish what he did. Unfortunately, Trump did not understand that he gave away all of his bargaining power when he gave the Israelis that move. Now, he has nothing to bargain with to create a two-state solution.

Trump returned to the subject of Jerusalem embassy move at a rally in Nashville on Tuesday evening. POLITICO reported that he told the adoring crowd:

‘Two weeks out, when people sort of started to think that we were going to open up the embassy, I was called by every leader in the world. (They said) Don’t do it, don’t do it, don’t do it, don’t do it.’


Featured Image via Getty Images/John W. Adkisson.