Michael Avenatti Drops Cohen Case Bombshell After Judge Voices Criticism (DETAILS)


One of the more public and widespread controversies facing President Donald Trump since his taking office last year is none other than the allegations and case of Stormy Daniels. Aside from the embarrassment of an extra-marital affair taking place while his wife and now First Lady Melania Trump was pregnant with Barron Trump, the couple’s only child together, the implications of proving President Trump knew about the hush money payments made by his personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, would be grounds to pursue an indictment against the president.

Daniels’s lawyer, Michael Avenatti, has been the face of much of the case thus far, appearing constantly on various news channels, giving interviews, and essentially have a field day with the whole thing. Avenatti has been noted for his direct and blatant implications against Cohen and Trump, making quips against the pair, and making his public appearances reverberate on media outlets.

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With the Daniels case on hold as federal courts pursue another criminal investigation involving Cohen, Avenatti had claimed that he had intentions of taking part in the upcoming proceedings, likely seeing it as another chance to maintain his presence in the public eye.

On Wednesday however, Avenatti, after facing criticism from other fellow lawyers regarding his behavior and handling of the matter at hand, made the decision to stay out of the criminal investigation into Cohen. When faced with questioning from federal District Judge Kimba Wood, the judge told Avenatti that if he is to partake in the Cohen proceedings, then his publicity stunts must come to a complete halt.

It is true that Avenatti has been somewhat unprofessional in some of his actions in regards to Cohen, but given the circumstances, it’s hard to blame him for taking the “fight fire with fire” approach. After bank records were leaked to Avenatti that depicted transactions between Cohen and various shell corporations, Avenatti then publicly released these records, a stunt that Judge Wood scolded.

Although Avenatti will not be taking part in the criminal proceedings against Michael Cohen, perhaps it is best he refrain in order to focus his energy and attention on the bigger picture. The lawyer has been vital in blowing the Daniels case wide open, and he should be ready to come full force when the case finally resumes.

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