Republicans Are Now Officially A Minority In California – Data Reveals Massive Upset


Since Donald Trump was inaugurated into office nearly a year and a half ago, what seemed to be a positive turn for the Republican party almost immediately turned the opposite way, as the new president’s plans would create challenges for the party unlike any others seen before. From what felt like the first day, the new administration got to work on their extremist agenda. While the Democratic party was clear in their views of his divisive policy proposals, the GOP was not so unified on their front. Rather, as the controversies increased in droves, and President Trump fanning these fires with continued discriminatory rhetoric and policies, the Republican party’s fissure emerged. Whereas some¬†continued their devout and unshakeable loyalty to the party and president, others saw a fast sinking ship, as Trump’s relation with the GOP caused a sharp and sudden loss in credibility.

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Now, with the midterms just months away, the GOP is seeing the consequences of their instability, as they stand to lose a significant number of seats this cycle, as voters lose hope in the political party. What is even more interesting, and perhaps troublesome for Republicans, is the massive shift seen among voters in California. According to a report by The Sacramento Bee:

‘Independents have surpassed Republicans to become the second-largest voting bloc in California, according to a firm that analyzes county voter registration information for campaigns.

‘Political Data Inc. on Tuesday released its latest count showing that voters registered with no party preference now outnumber Republicans by about 73,000 in California. The company regularly collects raw voter files from county registrars to maintain an updated database of the state’s 19 million voters.’

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With the number of Democratic voters remaining largely the same in regards to this year’s registration, it leaves the inference that California Republican’s are shedding their party loyalty to opt-out for other options. The decision to register as no party preference is likely due to their understanding that the current GOP status quo is unacceptable and illegitimate, but are refraining from registering Democrat as they still hold certain Republican values.

By the same token, perhaps there are Democrats in California that are growing weary of the constant rhetoric-filled partisanship that is plaguing not only the state, but the nation as a whole, and are coming to understand that the no party preference may be a more effective way of expressing themselves. The fact of the matter remains that, whether Democrat or Republican, the ongoing inefficiencies in the system, and inability to create meaningful reform, is a result of the party politics game, as one side focuses more on winning than they do fulfilling the interest of voters.

Nevertheless, the Republican party had already started growing concerned about the well-being of their seats out of California, and the shocking shift the no party preference as being the second highest registered affiliation should send a clear warning to the GOP. Not only did their pre-registration analysis show that their incumbents in California are at risk of losing their seats, now the concrete data is verifying that belief.

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