Roseanne Makes Bold Twitter Statement Following Backlash Like A Pill-Popping Loony


For quite some time, audiences of the “Roseanne” show likely believed that the heavily right-leaning, racially-tinged personality traits of portrayed by Roseanne Barr were just part of the character. However, after insensitively and crudely targeting former Obama adviser, Valerie Jarrett, in a now-deleted Twitter post, it became quite evident that the Roseanne character’s traits in the show were not far off from the real-life beliefs of Roseanne Barr.

The original post distastefully referred to Jarrett as the child of the Muslim Brotherhood and movie “Planet of the Apes”, and the comedian has since gone on a confusing and outrageous Twitter tirade attempting to do everything from justify her ill-advised tweet, to apologize to Jarrett on the social media platform for what she had said.

Since initially posting and deleting the tweet, ramifications have run wild for Barr. Not only did the ABC network state they would be cancelling the planned reboot of “Roseanne”, but CEO of Disney, Robert Iger, dropped the project from production altogether.

In one of the latest developments of her ongoing online rant, Barr outright claims not only that she has and never will be a racist, but goes as far as saying she has spent a lifetime fighting for civil rights and for the rights of minorities. Although no apparent example of this has been shared, it is evident that Barr’s tweet was yet another desperate cry for help in what seems to be a larger mental breakdown.

Over the course of the last 24 hours, Barr’s series of posts have been confusing and disturbing, as she conducts what seems to be futile attempts at damage control. Among her initial justifications for the original post, was that she was under the influence of the sleeping pill, Ambien, and that the drug caused her to send out the insensitive remarks. In another series, she claims to have thought Jarrett was Saudi Arabian, Persian, Jewish, and White, all within a few hours as she responded to the backlash.

ABC and Disney made the right call in cancelling the show, sending a clear message that such behavior will be met with zero tolerance, and setting a precedent for other networks to follow.┬áNevertheless, with the damage already done, continuing to attack Barr is nothing short of kicking someone when they’re down.

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