French President Macron Just Made A Fool Of Trump Over Tariffs – America Looks Stupid


Donald Trump is trying so hard to ruin our reputation with the world that it’s almost as if that’s what he’s set out to do all along. He makes stupid blunders like physically pushing other country’s representatives, and trying to jerk people off their feet with his ridiculous hand shake.

Then there’s his stupid foreign policy blunders like overusing tariffs in an attempt to hurt our allies. Take today’s announcement that he’s going to impose crippling tariffs on imported steel and aluminum from our biggest trading partners, the European Union, Canada and Mexico.

French President Emmanuel Macron is furious about the decision from our disgraced and failing president saying,

‘This decision is not only unlawful but it is a mistake in many respects. Economic nationalism leads to war.’

America should be ashamed that other country’s representatives have to step up and try to educate Trump. The man just has no common sense. Canada’s Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland said,

‘Canada considers it frankly absurd that we would in any way be considered to be a national security threat to the United States. I would like to absolutely assure Canadian participants, those who work in steel and aluminum industries, that the government is absolutely prepared to and will defend Canadian industries and Canadian jobs.’

Canada is rightfully pissed off that Trump is trying his best to ruin trade with their country and will most definitely fight back. All his idiotic tariffs are going to do is drive up prices for consumers in this country.

Trump won’t have any problems paying higher prices for things because he’s a billionaire…but most of us don’t fall into that category. Trump doesn’t care one bit how much he hurts Americans. His words, deeds, and actions have proven that time and time again. It’s time for this imbecile to resign post haste before he does even more damage to this once great nation.

Featured Image via Getty Images/Alex Wong