JUST IN: Bloomberg Releases Trump’s Updated Net Worth – Donald Spirals Into Oblivion


Donald Trump only cares about one thing in life…money. He loves the prestige that money brings, and now he’s really loving all the power he’s been able to buy with it. But there’s a bit of bad news on his financial front. Bloomberg wrote today that Trump’s overall wealth fell from $2.9 billion to $2.8 billion for a grand loss of $100 million just in the past year. He’s not even on their list of the 500 richest people in the world. That’s sure to steam Trump’s tidbits. He doesn’t like it when credible news sources say he lost money, because it makes him look and feel like a loser.

Bloomberg came up with the $100 million loss based on figures compiled by the Bloomberg Billionaires Index from lenders, property records, annual reports, market data, and a May 16 financial disclosure. They say a lot of his properties have lost their value, and some of his golf resorts have too. Trump Tower and an adjacent building have lost about $220 million in the last year.

A spokeswoman for Trump Organization criticized Bloomberg’s methodology for assessing the value of Trump’s total wealth. She said that Trump’s New York properties were in very desirable neighborhoods and Bloomberg didn’t take that into account when estimating Trump’s net worth.

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It’s almost certain that he’ll post something ridiculous on Twitter about how wrong Bloomberg is. Hopefully he’ll step in and admit to something criminal he’s done that actually made him more money than has been reported, maybe something like the bribe from the Chinese government that netted his company an easy $500 million. One thing is for sure…Trump will be furious after someone reads to him Bloomberg’s assessment of his loss of wealth.

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