Attorney General Announces Plan To Stop Trump’s Criminals Who Were Pardoned


Remember when Republicans used to be the party of law and order? They screamed from the rooftops that criminals shouldn’t be allowed to walk among us law abiding folks. That all changed when Donald Trump took over their party. Now they’re not only fine letting criminals walk away scot-free, but they celebrate every time Trump pardons one. Oh, how the times have changed.

Trump’s recent rash of pardons seem to be setting the stage to let criminals know that he’ll just pardon anyone found guilty in the Russia investigation. How’s that for law and order? Trump doesn’t care one whit whether someone committed a crime, as long as they did it for him it looks like they’ll get a pardon. But not so fast.

The Attorney General of NY just came up with a plan to make sure those criminals serve some prison time for their crimes, and Trump won’t be able to pardon them if the AG is correct. The problem revolves around the double jeopardy loophole in NY. Double jeopardy means that someone can’t be tried for the same crime twice if they’re found not guilty the first time; which could mean that New York may not be able to prosecute on the state level anyone pardoned by the president.

The AG said,

‘President Trump’s latest pardon makes crystal clear his willingness to use his pardon power to thwart the cause of justice, rather than advance it. Lawmakers must act now to close New York’s double jeopardy loophole and ensure that anyone who evades federal justice by virtue of a politically expedient pardon can be held accountable if they violate New York law.’

So if the state closes that loophole, then it may free the state to seek justice for crimes committed within their borders, and there would be nothing Donald Trump could do to stop justice from being served. Make no bones about it…justice needs to be served for all the people who helped destroy our democracy.

Featured Image via Getty Images